The Shadow #writephoto

This time for Sue's Photo Prompt I have tried yet another story. I am not so good at story writing, but I will keep trying until I find my style. She was not cut out for the life of celibacy. She, a beautiful young woman in her early twenties, has always spent her days looking ahead. Not … Continue reading The Shadow #writephoto


The Palette #writephoto

Another Photo Prompt write-up! Hope you will like this Sue! Read, enjoy and respond! Keep blogging! Up above in the quiet heavens Between the summers and the winters When the creator was lazy and lethargic He wandered around and stole all the colours   Then he sat on a cottony cloud Looked down on his … Continue reading The Palette #writephoto

The Stark Reality #writephoto

Another Photo Prompt from Sue! Read, enjoy and respond! Keep blogging! The Stark Reality   “I am sorry, baby. It’s not possible” The words spilled from you Like a red hot iron rod It plunged to my ragged heart Jabbed a hole deep and broad   Never thought you would withdraw When I believed you were … Continue reading The Stark Reality #writephoto

Damsel in Distress?

A Stony giant stands on its own Behind the mesh of luscious whines Beneath the tapering roof of engraved wood A lonely window brightly shines   The sturdy frame hides a secret behind About a feeble damsel that there dwells With long hair like molten gold She waits to be freed from wicked spells   … Continue reading Damsel in Distress?

Night-Crawlers #writephoto

Another Photo Prompt from Sue! Read, enjoy and respond! Keep blogging!  The clock struck twice. The moon had set and the world hid behind the darkness. The town was lying still under the blanket of night. Zingers of wind were disturbing the pin-drop silence that covered the houses like a wet blanket. The villagers were wide … Continue reading Night-Crawlers #writephoto

Green Tara vs. the She-Hulk

I was supposed to post this on the third day of Navaratri but, due to some xyz reasons I could not. Hence, I decided, instead of doing a hasty job, to post some qualitative (hopefully quantitative) work. The third day brings us the colour Green! Colour green is itself a colour of contradiction. Green usually … Continue reading Green Tara vs. the She-Hulk

History through Philately-The Freedom Bell Stamps of Berlin

“This world under God shall have a new birth of freedom”! The words carved on the Freedom Bell of Berlin denote the beginning of a new era and the end of a gloomy episode. ‘The Freedom Bell Stamps of Berlin’ are nothing but a raconteur of that by-gone epoch!  Every piece of stamp tells a story. … Continue reading History through Philately-The Freedom Bell Stamps of Berlin

Away From the Herd #writephoto

An interesting Photo Prompt from Sue! Read, enjoy and respond! Keep blogging!  🙂 The journey was finally over! After a long and tiresome migration, she reached this new place along with her pack. The wide green plains and cool breeze soothed her soul instantly. It also reminded her of the land they left behind. The … Continue reading Away From the Herd #writephoto

रंग आठवणींचा

Day#2 Day of Yellow! रांगांत आगळा रंग सांगतो मनीचे गूज खुलवी संधिप्रकाश सावळा रंगांत आगळा, रंग पिवळा रंग पिवळा सुवर्णाच्या ऐश्वर्याचा रंग पिवळा अंकुरतून उगवणाऱ्या सृजशीलतेला रंग पिवळा जेजुरीत उधळलेल्या श्रध्देचा रंग पिवळा हळदीमधील औषधी तत्वांचा रंग पिवळा नवापरिणीत नाविन्याचा रंग पिवळा श्रिफुलातील सन्मानाचा रंग पिवळा माहेरच्या आठवणींचा रंग पिवळा मंद तेवणाऱ्या प्रसन्नतेचा आणि रंग … Continue reading रंग आठवणींचा