The Night of a Wish#writephoto

In response to Sue's Photo prompt, I have tried to write another scary story! It was a pitch black night that wrapped the barrier of darkness so thick that wiped all the rays of light. The only thing visible was the smudged silhouettes of trees which were gradually being absorbed into the gloomy mist of the forest. It... Continue Reading →


Wave #writephoto

Photo prompt by Sue!  It's a last-minute creation..! Hope you will like it! When the Waves touch the shore And crawl back to the sea I can't help but wonder Would it be you and me I know I am the wave I depart and I arrive I curl into an embrace I make you awake and... Continue Reading →

The Tale of Rs. 2 Note

Another Blog for #MintageWorld.....! Laid forgotten in an old box stuffed in the back of a closet, holds a treasure.  A uniquely significant history is rolled up in these bundles of cash. This is the journey of Two Rupees Note so far! Source: The Tale of Rs. 2 Note

Sweet Treats of Childhood

The trail to childhood is crowded with so many bitter-sweet memories. But, this one is special and the sweetest of all. I remember a journey. A journey to my native place, filled with excitement and anticipation. Cousins, relatives, pets, pampering, great food, warm welcomes and of course the endless fun. It all starts with an... Continue Reading →

Year of the Five Emperors

Truth stuns more than a fantasy! No novel in this world will be as amazing, as thrilling as the Roman History. Those constant battles for power and love make Roman History a real-life romantic-thriller. So many Episodes reflect the constant upheaval of a civilization. One moment it is seen on the highest peak of humanity,... Continue Reading →

The Solace of Raindrops

Alone I stand above all I escape the clouds and I fall Only to hear the earth sigh Only to mitigate her dry cry Up above the world so high The drops are waiting to flow Let there be a little cold Let there be some wind to blow It pours without a warning call... Continue Reading →

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