Ruins #writephoto

Photo prompt by Sue!  In the memory of the war-torn nations who struggle to exist! As I hide behind an only remaining wall of a shattered house, I see my town turning to ruins. The evil now lurks in the streets of my beautiful, quiet town. I love my village. Peaceful, serene and adorned with … Continue reading Ruins #writephoto


Change of Seasons #writephoto

Photo prompt by Sue! Barren, bare and cold The winter claims the land The trees stand like bony fingers Roads sprinkled with white sand Dull sun and dark moon Slippery road and icy chute Frozen lakes and white roofs Muffled birds and mountains mute All dreaming of a warm ray Dozing off on winter’s lap … Continue reading Change of Seasons #writephoto

Caught in the Act #writephoto

Photo prompt by Sue!  Sometimes I can see that nature becomes a little impish! When a raindrop skips all the barriers and drops in the eyes or the wind blows away that one important piece of paper, I get convinced that nature does have a sense of humor. And when it sees us all disarray it might … Continue reading Caught in the Act #writephoto

Circle #writephoto

writing challenge#writephoto prompt Sue Vincent mysterious landscapes Sue Vincent this one is very simple and about my favorite subject. We, Archaeologists, unearth the history: the history that is hidden from the modern civilization. To me, history is a tricky word. It denotes the deed of a man, his actions which have sustained through the time, his rights … Continue reading Circle #writephoto

Depiction of Daśāvatāra on Indian Coins

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत । धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे॥ “It is I who descends to earth from time to time to reinstitute the order when the anarchy prevails” – the concept of Divine descend is a phenomenon that speaks about the manifestation of divinity into a form. In Bhagawad Gitā [1] Shri Kiṣṇa declares that God himself incarnates to eradicate the evil, to put … Continue reading Depiction of Daśāvatāra on Indian Coins

The Night of a Wish#writephoto

In response to Sue's Photo prompt, I have tried to write another scary story! It was a pitch black night that wrapped the barrier of darkness so thick that wiped all the rays of light. The only thing visible was the smudged silhouettes of trees which were gradually being absorbed into the gloomy mist of the forest. It … Continue reading The Night of a Wish#writephoto