Fog #writephoto

Photo prompt by Sue!

This one was a little tough as the image appealed to something shady or horror or mysterious side of my imagination. This is something very unexpected!

Somewhere in the night
When the world was fast asleep
The horizon quivered
As love took a leap

With love in the air
And moon bright in the sky
A couple ran in fear
Avoiding a malicious spy

There stood the watcher
With an ax raised in his hand
The couple wished for a cover
In the treeless barren land

Their dread resonated to the sky
Who retorted to their call
The clouds covered the moon
And dewdrops began to fall

Dew spilled from the sky
Clouds followed in disguise
Forming a colourless silken curtain
That made the world vanish

Then appeared the fireflies
With a twinkling light at the tail
Shinning with soft glimmers
They laid the safest trail

The couple disappeared in the night
Set out on a sweet adventure
The watcher stood helpless And confused
Amazed with this joint venture


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