The Proud Ocean #writephoto

Tried something different for this week’s Photo Prompt by Sue! 

Happy writing guys! 🙂

Who doesn’t love the Ocean? A blanket of sapphires spread along with the sheets of satin. Rows of emeralds standing on the shore complementing the picture-perfect landscape! The sphere of molten lava peeping from the top! Its brightness blocked by the clusters of diamonds. What a perfect picturesque panorama of nature!

The ocean was proud of it all. Why wouldn’t it be? Its unending ampleness can hardly be contained in one glance. Its unwinnable vastness makes everyone breathless in awe. It accommodates not just life but also opens the gates to the afterlife. It is a nurturer and the disrupter. How can anyone not bow down to it?

The Ocean was contented with itself. For the possessions it had. Pricey pearls and exceptional corals! Diverse ecology and all-desired fuel!! Sunken ships and the drowned treasures!!! And the land that resided the millions of human, animals, and trees! Doesn’t it also rise within the ocean?   The ocean contained it all like a proud collector flaunting its valuable collection! The calm, blue mirror reflecting the equally enormous entity of the overhead! So beautiful! So Serene! So Peaceful! The ocean was proud of its tranquillity!

The composed feature of the ocean had a ruffled edge too! How unsettling it can get overtimes! The huge wall-like tides can build up a wall, clenching land within its powerful fist. Restless waves can rise up to meters creating a race of hurdles. And within no time the ocean will consume that unfortunate one who encounters its wrath! The ocean was conceited of its ferocity! How no one dares to stand in front! How no one can master over its strength! Pleased with itself, the ocean grunts harmonious murmurs!

Until a dried leaf came out of nowhere! Gliding on a delicate breeze! It landed over a wave and remained afloat until it was washed ashore!

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