Away From the Herd #writephoto

An interesting Photo Prompt from Sue!

Read, enjoy and respond! Keep blogging!  🙂

The journey was finally over! After a long and tiresome migration, she reached this new place along with her pack. The wide green plains and cool breeze soothed her soul instantly. It also reminded her of the land they left behind. The hot air, scorching sun, and the dried leaves! It hadn’t rained at all. The summer had been extremely hot, dry and difficult. That is why the pack had decided to move to another locale.

The whole pack traveled together. The Alpha was leading followed by the experienced males. Then joined the females along with new adults and finally the tottering and prancing calves! It suddenly dawned on her. She hasn’t seen her young one for so long! Not since that last prairie. The most difficult and the dead looking land. The sun was so hot that all of them were on the verge of passing out. The scorching sun was bright and blinding. The pack halted in the shadows of an only shelter – a huge boulder lying in the middle of the land. She remembered seeing him strutting faraway along a line of dried bushes.

With one eye on her young one, she began to relax! Exhaustion swept over her. Next thing she knew; she was walking between two females who were supporting her and almost carrying her with them. Even in that parched up state of mind, she gazed the horizon in search of her calf. He was far ahead; along with the other calves! The Gravity of the situation hadn’t reached to their innocent little minds. His every jump created a long-lost feeling of hope in her heart. She kept walking and walking and they were out of the hell.

She replayed the journey over and over again in her mind like a slideshow. She replayed small little details in her mind. She couldn’t place her calf anywhere in three days they took to cross the last prairie! A huge knot appeared in her chest. Agitated she began to run, searching the unknown land in the pitch dark night. The knot in her chest began to stifle her.  The pack was watching her desperation. No one came forward! It was a normal thing for them. They have seen it all! New mothers forgetting their calves’ behind! Every migration yielded the same scenario. Soon the pack would settle and the calf would be forgotten! They expected the same from her!

Oh but not her! She was determined to bring her baby back. That instant she set out for her return journey. Nobody confronted her! Nobody stopped her! No one accompanied her! All alone she set off for the most dangerous journey. A lonely beast in an unfamiliar land of the predators!  The days were blinding hot and the evenings were dusty storms. Her progress was slower than before.  The journey seemed to be longer than she thought.

One such evening she reached a familiar looking land! Even behind the clouds of dust, she sensed the familiarity of the place. It, she realized, was plain with the boulder.  Through the whistling wind, she heard a well-known cry! Her baby was calling her. She couldn’t find him! She grew more and more desperate! Downhearted, she toppled on the ground! She could hear the cries of her baby get louder and louder! And everything was quiet again. The wind had dropped and the dust had set. Her weak frame stood up staggering.

The wind was now gushing in breaks. She again heard it, clearer and nearer! She followed the trail of this resonating sound. With every blow of wind, it grew stronger. She reached near the row of bushes, where she last saw him. There it was! Shining in the moonlight! The carcass of her calf! The wind blew in full force, passed through the empty skull and she again heard the cry of her baby. Calling his mama in fear! All alone and scared in this dried up land between the intolerable heat wave!

Her heart filled with the agonizing pain her baby felt during his final sufferings. With a cry that exceeded the howls of wind, she collapsed on the ground. Motionless!




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