Damsel in Distress?

A Stony giant stands on its own

Behind the mesh of luscious whines

Beneath the tapering roof of engraved wood

A lonely window brightly shines


The sturdy frame hides a secret behind

About a feeble damsel that there dwells

With long hair like molten gold

She waits to be freed from wicked spells


She was promised a day of freedom

That will come to her on a white steed

All that she sees for the entire day

Just the slippery moss and wild weed


One such morning came with a surprise

She was awakened by a strange light

While staring at the long and empty path

She realized it was her own fight


The long gown was torn in half

The corset she wore was thrown away

She broke the sandals that bloodied her toes

And bandaged them with rags and hay


As she descended down the curvy steps

A barbed wired caught her golden plumage

She freed and coiffed that abundant mass

Liberating from the weakening baggage


Soft grass and cold springs

Delicate flowers and rough trees

Engrossed in the warmth of morning rays

She wrapped in the scent ushered by a breeze

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