The Stark Reality #writephoto

Another Photo Prompt from Sue!

Read, enjoy and respond! Keep blogging!

The Stark Reality


“I am sorry, baby. It’s not possible”

The words spilled from you

Like a red hot iron rod

It plunged to my ragged heart

Jabbed a hole deep and broad


Never thought you would withdraw

When I believed you were the one

But when you say “I am always there”

I wish we would have never begun


As I sit alone and think about us

I see sweet memories and hopeful dreams

Now I wonder how it fell apart so fast

How we reached the sea while rowing in the streams


As I stitch my tattered heart

I replay the bygone years

Broken dreams prick my eyes

And I break down the wall of tears


I stood alone along with my sorrow

I curled up alone covered in the dark

The storm has passed as the dusk sets in

A gleam from the east makes the world stark


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