The Palette #writephoto

Another Photo Prompt write-up!

Hope you will like this Sue!

Read, enjoy and respond! Keep blogging!

Up above in the quiet heavens

Between the summers and the winters

When the creator was lazy and lethargic

He wandered around and stole all the colours


Then he sat on a cottony cloud

Looked down on his creation

He felt the earth was too bright

Blazing in the rays of summer’s sun


On the other side of the earth

Ruled the darkness and cold

Where the skies were gloomy

And the birds never chirped


He sat with the brush of inspiration

Determined to create a balance

He readied his palette of divinity

With the tinctures made of innocence


He, then, took a handful of ash

And threw it to the blowing wind

It scattered along the invisible corners

Vibrancy turned into a grayish blend


He sprinkled some drops of hues

They settled across the shadowy grays

Unrolling into the further hues

That mellowed down the glaring blaze


The leafy greens and blue hues

Vibrant reds and darkening brown

The holiness of the heaven assimilated in one

Espousing Autumn – the heaven’s crown


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