The Shadow #writephoto

This time for Sue’s Photo Prompt I have tried yet another story.

I am not so good at story writing, but I will keep trying until I find my style.

She was not cut out for the life of celibacy. She, a beautiful young woman in her early twenties, has always spent her days looking ahead. Not down! Not up! Certainly not behind! To a woman whose life was as “busy” as a honeycomb, the days filled with solitude were certainly out of place. She definitely didn’t like to live alone far away from the city like a hermit.

Growing up in a small town did not quite agree with her! What she didn’t like is to cage her inclinations. She moved to the world where she welcomed the free-spirited wildness of her unrepressed desires. She was happy in a small box she created for herself. Her untamable wildness galloped rein free. “Favour for a favour” she called it! Now she was here! In this isolation! Caged, tamed and wounded! The tides have turned.

The unfortunate pregnancy, ruthless rejections by her partners and even more ugly and self-induced abortion had sucked all the boldness out of her. These injuries wounded an aggressive lioness within her. As the sadness took over her, she tried to gain her life back. But, even her life had abandoned her. She had a complete breakdown and was moved to this asylum where she spent days plucking flowers, separating their petals and sticking them on her wall.

One day, when she bent to pick a fallen flower she saw, bent the way she was, a featureless dark figure right beside her! Terrified, she fled from the garden! That day her room missed the smell of fresh flowers and a soft tune of her humming. She remained glued to her room for the next few days until she had had enough.

At one such crisp dusk, she silently came out of her room. She proceeded towards the garden. She felt refreshed in a warm glow of sun shining on her face.  No sooner did she come out of the shade she saw something move along her. She felt a very strong presence of somebody following her. With every step she took, she could hear a rustle.

She wanted to run away. Run away from this nightmare! Run away from her past! Run away from her present! Appearing at the corner of your eye she suddenly saw a dark figure–darker than darkness–standing next to her. The moment she turned, a scream froze in her mouth. There it was! Face to face with her, the faceless figure, staring back at her. A shiver ran down her spine. She ran to her room with trembling feet. As she slammed the door behind her she felt safe.

At such a vulnerable state of mind, she did what she always did. Look pretty! She stood in front of the mirror and began to put on some makeup. Oh, how wonderful it felt! She could spend hours combing those wads of silk. And she did the same! She forgot all her worries and fears in front of the mirror. With her face close to the mirror and her hand near her eyes, she saw something in the corner of a mirror. In the dim light of her room, she spotted the same dark figure standing so close that she could feel it. She started to retreat. To her horror, the figure came closer every step she took.

She screamed and she screamed at the top her voice. It stood there! Silently witnessing her agitation! Something in her mind moved! Crossed over the barrier! And in an inexplicable rupture, she moved. Ran away from this nightmare! She ran to the cliff! Leaning on a leafless tree! Panting and huffing in the fading dusk light, she heard the familiar rustle. Growing stronger with every step!

She stood at the edge of the cliff paralyzed. Staring into the horizon! A whisper echoed in her ears. Calling her! She gave in to the urge to follow it. As she turned there it was, suddenly at the other end looking at her even though it had no eyes. She turned around and took a leap. Wish to be freed from her pain.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the foothill getting nearer. She could see the rocks and gravels! And among them, was the dark faceless figure. Welcoming Her! As she spread her arms, she was taken in an embrace by the darkness. Before she lay unmoved on the earth, a realization swept over her. She was running away from the shadow of her own ugly past. And then there was no more running away!


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