The Snowflake #writephoto

Another short story for the Thursday Photo Prompt!

Hope you will like it, Sue!

How much she craved the freezing cold!  In this hot tropical land where the temperature never dropped below 20, the sight of a single snowflake was a miracle. She hated that it never snowed here. She hated it even more that she was stuck in this humid hell. What she hated the most was even if it snowed she wouldn’t be able to get out of her wheelchair and enjoy the snow like the others.

She watched the hot summer sun started to descend. She looked directly in the sun. The blinding light was somehow peaceful. She rolled her wheelchair near the window and sat there soaking the warmth through her pores wishing she was at her previous home, having hot cocoa watching the snow taking over.

She was so tangled in her daydream that she didn’t realize the sudden change in the weather. As the cold breeze ruffled her hair, she came back to the present to witness the usual bright sun was dull and the skies were dark. The cold wind began to blow, stinging like tiny needles. And then the miracle happened!  In no time the porch was covered in white and all of a sudden the horizon transformed.

Her heartache, her sorrow turned to the squeals of joy as she found herself standing on her own legs. She could comprehend this abrupt happiness. And then she walked. She walked to her door and out of it. She walked down the porch to the garden and buried her feet in soft, white dust. The moment her toes touched that pristine blanket, her heart beat faster. Then it snowed again. Tiny snowflakes began to fall, tangling into the curly mesh over her head. Her nose and cheeks burned as the tears rolled down freezing instantly on her cheeks. She gathered those tiny icicles on her palm; held them tight in her feast and walked down the untrodden path of her dream;  letting the snow bury her……

….. An hour later her family found her peacefully still on her chair. Baffled by the chill in her room and unable to figure out the meaning of neither the snowflake in her feast nor the calm smile on her face!


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