Clouds #writephoto

This time for Photo Prompt I have tried yet another story. Hope you will like it, Sue! 

Lightning flashed across the sky, carrying an intimation of the upcoming time of solace. Clouds were gathering and it meant one thing for them, happiness. It has been a while since they had seen that nectar showering from the sky upon them. Another dry season had passed over dry and unyielding.

Smoke rose through the chimneys and he wondered what do they all have to cook. The prolonged drought has taken the fertility of their lands. The scorching heat has dried the water reserves, their fields and tears in their eyes. Just this afternoon he saw his little one licking the dirt in a river. But, he couldn’t cry. The drought had taken over his eyes as well.

He got out if his absent-minded trance as a dried stem fell on his head. Something was different. His heart, all of a sudden, filled with an anonymous excitement. He looked at the horizon, trying to comprehend his sudden euphoria. Then he saw it a tiny whirlwind coming towards him. He turned and saw the excitement reflecting on the faces of his fellow villagers. They were waiting for something to happen. Something which will confirm their expectation and fulfill their hopes!

Another flash of lightning struck and the clouds gave a roar. The clouds charged with an urgency accompanied by forceful wind. The first drop fell on the earth and instantly became a vapor but left a wet mark behind it. The second drop fell on the eager face of a child. His happy squeaks invited the others. The first drops of rain were rapidly picking up. Gradually loading up in bulk as the earth gave a sigh of relief.

The rain had finally come dissolving their troubles. After a long time, his eyes filled with tears. Went unnoticed as they dropped down along with the raindrops! The life of the desert-dwellers was, finally, in order.


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