Vaari – वारी

Every year on the Eleventh Day of the Month of Ashadh, mass of thousands of pilgrims visit the beautiful village of Pandharpur. Many of them walk hundreds of kilometers to cherish a single glance of their beloved god and cherish his boon. I have tried my best to describe this entire journey which we call “Vaari”!

With a single word on their lips
And a Single thought in their minds|
Thousands follow a trail
Away from the worldly binds||

They walk for hours and days
Leaving behind the everyday drill|
One image before the eyes
Nothing else they think and feel||

Turning away from usual comfort
They choose a path with sticks and stones|
Rain and thunder threatens their will
While the chill freezes their bones||

With Single thought in their minds
And a single word on their lips|
To cherish an only glance of their lord
They bear all the pain and hardships||

The sun begins to shine
As the thunder loses in the battle|
A chant rises up clear and loud
“Vitthal Vitthal!” “Vitthal Vitthal!”||

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