Me and the Ocean #writephoto

After a long time! Wrote this while on a cruise sailing from Italy to Greece. I was so overwhelmed by the Mediterranean Sea that I could not produce much. Sue‘s this week’s photo prompt is perfect for this. So, here we go!

Read and Respond, guys… 🙂

Me and the Ocean

Travel takes me to the ocean

Then the ocean takes me in

The vast spread of the turquoise blue

Helps me to find the peace within|


The constant to and fro of the waves

Stirs up the ocean inside of me

The crashing waves find a voice

Ask me questions about you and me|


You are just like an ocean

Bigger and calmer than me

I am a wave with a turbulence

Torn between the shore and the sea|


Today when I stand on the shore

I seem to be afar from the sea

If I leave the shore behind

Will the ocean take me in?|




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