The Yellowing Memories

Like last year, I had decided to post something on colours associated with each day of Navaratri! Well, four days have already passed and here I am, slow as a sloth!

Today’s colour is yellow! I dug a little deep and excavated this! Hope you will enjoy it!

Read and Respond guys!

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The Yellowing Memories

“Down the memory lane

There’s a little shade

Where the past halts

And the memories fade”

“On the corner table

Sits my beloved

With torn corners

And the binding faded”

“With a mystic aura

Floating around

The traces of the bygone era

Stored safe and sound”

“Tiny curls of ink

On page after page

Photos peeking between

Creating a happy maze”

“Words of pain and delight

Of love and hate

Thoughts suppressed within

Had found an open gate”

“Trapped in the muted darkness

Are my life’s bittersweet stories

Embracing all my secrets

The safe of my yellowing memories”


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