Don’t take your eyes off the Turrets #writephoto

This is my first time to write in Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt…

This is my first time to write a horror/ mysterious short story.

Word Turrets and the image was perfect to write something I wanted to start a long back. Thanks, #

Now he noticed how quiet the house was! Quiet and deserted! The moment he set foot in the old, high roofed and enormous study the world has gone deaf. The usual twitters of birds, the chirping of crickets and rustling of leaves remained outside the iron curtain. The only sound he could hear was his own heartbeats and shallow and rapid breathing.

Mysteries allured him. They were his addiction. That’s why he was here in this abandoned castle. To encounter the mystery of the White Turrets. He managed to get a hold on two journals of last visitors. They only wrote about how they reached to this castle and about the time they spent. A few days ago he received a mail – a single piece of paper with a single paragraph on it. That’s why he agreed to spend time in this empty castle till the sunset. He was way too curious to see them, to know what happens here.

“What was I thinking to agree to something like this!”, he thought to himself. “Calm down, tiger”, he murmured as he sat down leaning against a wall. With his back secured, he felt his pulse slowing down. He could now focus on the task before him. He removed a small bottle from his backpack and took two long sips. The warm liquid burned down his throat. A sense of tranquility swept over him.

His eyes jerked opened as he felt something moving on his left thigh. His blood froze. A chill went down his spine. He looked down and saw his pocket lit. Cursing himself he took out his mobile which was vibrating furiously. The alarm went off! To his surprise, he dozed off and slept!

The room was already dark! It was still bright outside. The only window in the room showed very little of outside. He stared out of the window confused. His mind was still hazy and muscles strained. As he stretched, he noticed something written above the window.

He got up and walked up to the window. “DON’T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE TURRETS!” The red letters confused him even more.

“Where are they?” He wondered as he took small and steady steps towards the window. The window opened up to a very serene landscape. Snow covered rooftops! A small path disappearing into the woods. And there they were, almost invisible behind the snowy white, two tall white turrets. Something about them felt very odd. Yet he couldn’t take his eyes off them.

He took one step ahead. Something from the ceiling shifted impatiently. Everything was even quieter. His heart was pumping fast and dots appeared before his eyes. His instincts were telling him to move back and run or hide till the sunrise. For a moment his feet stopped and he began to step back. Not taking his eyes off the turrets.

He could almost feel the door behind him. With one foot out of the door, he could already feel relaxed. As soon as he lifted his other foot, the floor gave a loud creak diverting his attention. The moment he looked away from the turrets, he heard a soft thump before him and excruciating pain in his stomach. He looked down towards the noise. He saw two big, gleaming cat eyes as red as the mass dangling from his stomach. And a darkness swept over him. Before he hit the ground he thought about the turrets and how they resembled the cat eyes!


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